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Digi Printing Scale - 15KG

Digi Printing Scale - 15KG

Code: SM100

R 18,080.00 (incl. VAT)
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SM-100 series scale printer

Quick response to the weight change

Easy and quick loading of receipt or label

Direct themal/high speed themal printer

Update the date and time automatically with the clock built-in

Ethernet interface for date updating



Changing the thermal paper is easy through the large opening in the scale housing which enables quick loading of the label or receipt roll. This access ensures easy handling of rolls and maintenance at the store level, reducing waste, error and costs.



Through the standard ethernet or RS-232 interface, inter-scale and store controller communication is readily reliable.

With the WLAN interface, scale installation locations can quickly change without added costs.(If you want the WLAN interface, please choose WLAN option, then tell us which charger you need).

Quick weight stabilization and fast label/receipt printing allows the operator to serve customers and increase volume of operation.

Barcode scanner can also be connected to enhance the operation.

Nutritional facts traceability information can be easily designed and printed for better customer service.

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